Our copy lathe arrives

Trevor Owen, one of our club members has a friend who no longer uses his copy lathe. The friend offered the club the said machine for nothing and so we gratefully accepted the offer.Peter Lynn who seems to have an infinite number of suitable acquaintances, arranged transportand these pictures show a number of club members installing the lathe.

Thanks to Shane Hona for the pictures

A very useful trailer with the lifting gear behind.

Peter Lynn giving some helpful hand sign directions, not the usual ones he uses.

Over to you Leith.

Look out Trevor the beast is on its way.

Looks good there I think.

Almost done with some help from the observation group.

An update on our copy lathe

The following paragraph was taken from the chairman's annual report.

Our second monumental acquisition was the donation of an old copy lathe to the club. The gift was arranged and bought to the attention of the club by Trevor Owen. We do thank him for his involvement. Most of the physical procurement was capably arranged by Peter Lynn who called upon his extensive procurement skills and range of contacts to relocate this very heavy lathe from the awkward location at Rotoma to the difficult access issues of our clubroom's. Peter traveled many kilometers and called on a lot of favours to accomplish this logistical nightmare. We do appreciate your expertise Peter. The story is still only half finished, as the use of this lathe is extremely complex and no operating manuals exist. For a novice operator designing and setting up templates poses an extreme challenge to ingenuity and engineering credentials let alone artistic and aesthetic design skills. Operating the monster that runs at tremendous speeds requires nerves of steel and a heightened awareness of self-preservation. For those who crave more excitement in their lives this lathe is the answer.

Some more up to date pictures of what we have been doing with the lathe.

Basic rounding done ready to put some shape on.

First one ready to come of the production line.

Six very shapely legs.